When we walked in the two girls in the front were arguing about who was going to be the hostest. My wife took my one year old son to the bathroom to change him and there was a waitress in the stall that had the changing table walking back and forth talking on her cell phone.

She finally had to go find a manager to come get her out so she could change him. then I ordered a steak and ceasar salad. The salad was about three pieces of lettace with a little ceasar dressing on it the my steak had no spices or anything on it, all they did was throw it on the grill and warm it up. the could have at least put some salt and pepper on it.

We over heard a waitor at the table next to us ask his table if there was anything I can get for you because I just got sat with a party on the other side. Insinuating he wasn't going to be back for a while. Needless to say we were ready to leave.

My wife had to get hers to go because she was in the bathroom trying to change my son for so long. We will never be going back, and we will be letting everyone know how bad of an experience we had.

Review about: Tgi Fridays Manager.

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Seriously why does your wife put up with a pig like you who calls grown up women girls, also it is spelled waiter not waitor, if you are going to refer to anyone as children(the term girls) at least learn to spell like someone who has passed the fifth grade.


This makes no sense. Why didn't your wife just knock on the stall door and tell the employee she needed that particular stall?

She was capable of fetching a manager, but not of tapping on the stall door??????

And, we are to believe that your wife was in the bathroom THAT long, that she missed eating? No, sorry, not buying this story.

to Anonymous Shreveport, Louisiana, United States #819165

Part of the reason my wife wanted to have the waitress out of the stall was so she can privately discipline my son. My son is almost two and this was a bad time to soil his diaper and she needed to give him a spanking for that.

to Anonymous #821786

Seriously you spank your kid for pooping his diaper?! Do you not realize that if he still does this at that age he could have emotional issues, what kind of sick people are you?

Stop breeding.

Stop going to restaurants. Just stop.

to Anonymous #819483

Yeah, she was just ticked off that she couldn't beat her child in private. They both order a salad (Oooo, big spenders there), the waiter asks if they need anything else, because he has to tend to his other patrons, and this guy is complaining that they weren't treated like royalty.

I think they should spend their money on condoms from now on.

Please...don't breed any more.

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