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On Dec.07.2018 me and wife wanted to celebrate our anniversary and went to TGIF in CDO. BIG mistake!!

4 out of 5 items where NOT available, even that they were on the NEW menu.

A waitress that was clueless in what she was doing, never around when needed, and a new and young incompetent manager, made my decision real easy, to never go to TGIF again, especially not this location.

I usually had good experiences with TGIF, and even if sometimes something goes wrong, you can be assured that they will make it up to you in some way, so you do come back.

Well not this time!

Bad service and a bad manager, is just a bad combination! The food was OK, its never amazing, but you get what you pay for, which made us come back all the time. ( Good restaurants are only in Cebu and Manila).

So IF YOU decide to go the TGIF in CDO, which is in Mndanao, be aware that this PROVINCIAL setting has the same menu, but plenty of stuff is not available. Good luck with service and the Manager there.

Reason of review: bad service, incompetant manager.

Monetary Loss: $65.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Atmosphere.

I didn't like: Customer service, Manager.

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I hate to say this but I have seen this very behavior from my own in laws. No matter how nice or prompt the server is my mother in law ALWAYS makes A scene after getting the bill.

In all of the times I have been forced to go out and eat with her there has only been one time she had a VALID complaint. And that was due to them not getting us all our plates at the same time. It took almost 30 mins for the last plate ordered to arrive once the first plates were served. That was understandable for her to call them on that and ask for a reduced bill.

Other then that one instance she has routinely made a scene so she eats at a highly discounted price. While I’m not saying the OP can’t afford the meal I am saying it wouldn’t surprise me if the OP pulled some BS. It’s a steak house so it’s pricey. I just think the OP has unrealistic standards and expected to be waited on hand and foot BECAUSE it was his anniversary.

When that didn’t happen as the OP expected it suddenly turns into how bad THEY are. It’s a chain restaurant and NOT A FIVE STAR OPERATION!! To expect anything else is really all on the OP.

Making a mountain out of a mole hill doesn’t make you a better man buddy and really goes to show how unrealistic your expectations are. I would suggest that you take that stick out of your backside but I’m afraid it’s the only thing that gives you a upright posture.


Frankly if you are going to choose "full refund" you deserve to get rude treatment.

to FragrantNumbat #1615006

No no! if you pay good money for something you should get what you pay for, if you don't then you have the right to ask for a full refund. You deserve rude treatment idiot.


It doesn’t matter what he can afford or whether he ate the food. If the service was bad and ruined his anniversary he is entitled to at least a partial refund. Who are you to judge what he can afford?

to Lisrm46 #1610653

The whole point is that he did not get bad service. They want a full refund. It is a shame that people need to lie go get freebies.

to FragrantNumbat #1610755

I PAID the full amount! It was only in the website that I had to choose an option what I want...so please do not post comments like that, if YOU where not there.

One time in a TGIF I only requested a partial refund, but they gave me a FULL refund. Ups...

to Anonymous #1610817

But you DID ask for a full refund. There are many other suggestions that you could have made.

Demanding a refund is rude. Of course of all the options you suggested "full refund" I am basing my comments on your inability to afford to feed yourself. It does not matter if I was there or not. They should not have given you a full refund.

It just will encourage you to do the same in the future.

Next time cook at home or visit a soup kitchen. Greedy pig.

to FragrantNumbat #1614954

It is not rude, your just an idiot FragrantNumbat who obviously needs to get a job of his own instead of worrying about who post reviews on places from their own opinion!

to Anonymous #1612518

Don't be greedy and people won't post comments like that. I am sure someone who has PHd can figure out how to choose other options or select their own. Guess you are not as smart as you claim to be.

to FragrantNumbat #1615008

This statement right here explains how he did get bad service: 4 out of 5 items where NOT available, even that they were on the NEW menu. A waitress that was clueless in what she was doing, never around when needed, and a new and young incompetent manager, made my decision real easy, to never go to TGIF again, especially not this location.

I am assuming you have no idea what your talking about EVER.

You apparently have nothing else to do but comment on everyone's complaints. What a sad life you live FragrantNumbat.

to Lisrm46 #1610654

If you had half a brain you would know that he cannot afford to treat his wife.

to FragrantNumbat #1610756

Well I do have a PhD so maybe I did have half a brain. It was my 1st time in this particular location that service was BAD and the Manager was incompetent.

Never had that before!

So maybe just maybe not knowing WHO I am, would not really entitle you to say what you just wrote. But hey, Life is full of surprises...

to Anonymous #1610818

You really expect me to believe that you have a PhD. You who has terrible spelling and grammar has a Phd. Right.

to FragrantNumbat #1614958

FragrantNumbat you are the one with less than half a brain, it's obvious! The more post you make the stupider you sound. Keep up the good work, or do you know what work is?

to FragrantNumbat #1614962

Your the one with less than half a brain, it's obvious by your post. Keep up the good work, or do you know what work is? Seems you have too much time on your hands to put negative comments on multiple people's complaints.

to Lisrm46 #1610757

Thanks Lisrm46. I never asked for a refund in my LIFE in any restaurant anywhere!

And I have traveled a lot, and have been eating out for more than 35 years.The other comments are pretty rude, considering people do NOT know me and where NOT present, but yours is right on the money. I ate in this TGIF many times before and since good restaurants are a rare commodity in CDO, we went there to celebrate.

Well the dinner was ruined, but I saved the night !! Thanks


WHy should you get a full refund. You had no issue eating the food.

I know you want to celebrate your anniversary with something special, take your wife out, but if you cannot afford to then don't You should not get a full refund just because you cannot afford to treat your wife. You had no issue eating the food and therefore should have no issue paying for it

to FragrantNumbat #1610759

Like I said to the other people here, I never ASKED TGIF for a full refund. It was only when I finished THIS comment, I was asked what would I have liked, and it gave me several options!?

NEVER in my life,I asked for a full refund in any restaurant around the world. I ate the food and I paid for it ! BAD service and a rude and incompetent manager did the trick. But telling me I cannot afford to treat my wife?

Really? You base that comment on what FACTS?

You DO NOT KNOW me, have never met me and you write that. Wow that's just plain RUDE !

to Anonymous #1611293

I suppose "full refund" was the only one that came to mind when asked for options. There were a list of options, and of course you had to pick the one that made you most greedy. I agree with FraganrNumbat here.

to Anonymous #1611906

The site should have more options. It is a shame that people like AbaftFlounder455 use this site to get freebies.

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