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I was given terrible service at 1713 N. Market St.

Our waiter by the name of Eric Lee was rude. He never offered us water as we waited on drinks from the bar. He never came to check on us inbetween drinks and appetizer. He put one order in without fully getting the complete order.

I had to ask another waitress about the spinach dip ordered, due to Eric Lee not coming back to the table in a timely manner. When the spinach did arrive it was torched so much it tasted burnt. Once one of the entrees came out it was wrong and had to be taken back. So, more waiting and no food.

The spinach dip has now come out and its still not up to quality standards. At this point we are over this service. We asked for our tickets. Upon, trying to pay for the food.

Eric Lee walked by our table several times and never acknowledged us trying to pay. So, I put 15 dollars in the receipt holder for my drinks. As well as wrote the serial number for my points to pay for my food. We left the establishment!

I forgot my keys on the seat so I went back in to get them. Upon getting my keys Eric Lee tells me I owe him some more money. I said no sir, I dont owe you anything. I told him that I wrote the serial number for my points on the receipt and I left money for my drinks as well as a tip.

I dont owe nothing. He begins to get loud and tell me Im trying to leave without paying for my food. Also, that with me trying to leave without paying, that it comes out of his check. So once again, I let him know I dont have to steal anything that the serial number is on the receipt for my points.

He goes off and says what is that? I said so you mean to tell me youre an employee and have no clue of the rewards program? I then proceed to leave. He comes running out the restaurant standing behind my car.

Yelling you *** are going to pay for yall food. I proceed to tell him what are you talking about the serial number is on the receipt and you got 15 dollars for 12 dollar drinks and I left a 3 dollar tip. This dude couldnt possibly be serious. When I see he was up in our face, this big man was all in our faces.

Cursing, yelling and spitting in our faces he was yelling that loud. While calling us *** So happened it was 2 disd police in the establishment that came to diffuse the situation. Also, a hispanic employee came out as well and said Eric Lee said he never got the serial number. Yet, he had the receipt in his hand with the number written on it.

I literally pulled my phone out and showed them where the points were taken for the meal. The hispanic employee said Eric Lee said he entered the number wrong. That is not my problem! Yet, my app showed where the points had been taken.

Sooo how did he enter them wrong and it showed the points were taken, date and time. He had the receipt to where he could get the number right. But to run after us for a meal that was paid for and accuse us of stealing and to cause a scene and embarrassment to us is out of line. To call us *** like what type of ppl are TGI Fridays hiring?

Im asking to be contacted on this matter immediately. Im also demanding termination of Eric Lee. This man was spitting and putting his hand in my face. When I knocked his hand down.

He pushed me so hard, I almost fell and broke my sandle. If it wasnt for my vehicle door being opened I would've fell. I used to really love this location. Id visit at least 3 to 4 times out of the week on my lunch break.

However, I wont be returning back there or to any other Fridays. As well as I made a report to the officers Cyras and Buster. Everyone kept saying it was a mistake. When he ran out that place and made a scene and put his hands on me is when it became beyond a mistake and became a criminal matter with assaulting me.

I expect TgiFridays to handle Eric Lee as he should be. If I cant get any justice I will be contacting news station. This location has been going down hill. It never can seem to keep employees its different ones all the time.

I cant never seem to keep a favorite waiter,waitress or bar tender, because the staff changes constantly. Last night it was so hot in there as if the air wasnt working and it the staff was all over the place. I wished to be contacted ASAP Angela Collins acct# 0287000067203818) 469-671-1405 as well as a refund of my monies. Yall can keep the points.

I wont be returning. Especially, not as long as Eric Lee is there!

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You realize you just gave your phone number to a bunch of strangers right? This isn't a TGIFridays board, it's a place for people to share bad (and good) experiences.

Noone from Fridays will EVER see this post. You need to complain to them directly.

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