Date: 8/30/11

Place: TGIFridays, #0803 DFW Gate A 22

Server: Bobby C #54

Table: 44/1

Check # 545

Time: 4:00CDST

We had 45 min until boarding and because of the location, we decided to eat at TGIFridays. We ordered an iced tea and lemonade/slush to go with our food. The menu STATED that senior ciizens are offered 10% off non-alcoholic drinks. The server claimed he'd never heard of that and looked annoyed even after reading the menu for himself. We asked him to shcek with the management, which he did. The management said the discount was for HOT coffee/tea ONLY. Their menu listed only one specific thing...NON-ALCOHOLIC. We ordered accordingly and were refused the discount. Bottom line: BEWARE of misleading statements on TGIFridays' menus. Better yet, eat at another establishment.

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Castleton, Vermont, United States #763721

You friggin' elderly people are all the same. Stop your complaining and just be thankful that you are still upright!

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #428352

Learn how to read and you will not have this problem in the first place.

Belleair, Florida, United States #401494

We were recently at the TGI Fridays in St Louis Park MN. One person in the group had ordered a couple Yag Bombs, they actually included a separate $12 charge for the RedBull as explained by the waiter.

Oh well, just don't order a mixed drink there cause ya may be paying for the mix. Stay thirsty my friends.


Gosh, that means you were swindled to the tune of fifty cents, if that. Boo f*u*c*k*i*n*g hoo.

If it was that important, you could have asked BEFORE ordering, huh?

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