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Overview.. The food order was wrong threatened that I had to pay for it or he would call the police... I left, he did...

9:30 pm 12.3.2015

Was seated... Waited 10 minutes for the server to take order..

Ordered a Cobb salad with flat iron steak. The steak was listed as a 4 dollar upgrade over base Cobb salad with chicken

The waitress asked what two sides I wanted.. Thought It was funny at the time, but it is their restaurant...

The waitress came out and said steak and sides were ready, but was waiting on salad... Did I want the steak brought out... I said no I wanted on top of the salad the way I ordered it...

She brought out two plates of food steak on one and a salad on the other...

I cleaned my plates and asked for the bill... On the bill I was charged for

Two beers

Cobb salad

Steak dinner..

I pointed out on the menu was, I asked for she said she would fix it and then came back and said the manager said because I ate I had to pay for it.

When I asked for him.. He would not address the issue... I should have known that what was brought out was not want I wanted... I asked him to fix the bill or I was leaving... He said I would have to pay for it and then started walking to the front.. I followed... He was out the door at that point calling 911...

I left walked back to my hotel room... I do not know if this was intentional to pressure folks into higher checks, silliness on their part or thus rude customer service...

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to "fire the manager and send appolgee". This person is overall dissatisfied with TGI Fridays. The most disappointing about tgi fridays flat iron steak cobb salad at TGI Fridays was poor management and service and poor service Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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