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Jan 9 we went to Fridays on 410 for my son Birthday. We ask could we sit by the bar so we could have appetizers and drink specials.

Since we could not all sit together they said they would fix is a table for a party of 10. We ordered drinks and there was a bug in my daughters drink. We reported it and Danni the waitress stated that's just nasty. Brought another drink another bug.

At this time we went to the bar and complained and the GM and bartender act as though we were putting bugs in drinks. We stood there made another drink dang another bug. GM shook her head. We received horrible service from waitress, bartender and a asst.

GM all because your establishment not cleaned.

Took pictures and sending them to the BBB. Thanks for ruining my son Birthday.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tgi Fridays Drink.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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It is obvious that you are placing the bugs in the drinks yourself. They are not gullible.

I can understand you "finding" a bug in the first drink, but the second one. It is a shame what people would do to get discounts and freebies. Then to claim there was a but in the third drink. It is obvious what is really going on.

I hope their cameras caught you placing the bugs in the drinks.

I know that you want your son's birthday to be special, but if you cannot afford it and need to scheme to get discounts then do not take him out. Your scheming and lying probably embarrassed him.


We stood right there when she made the third drink and they found the bug the third time so if you not their hush your mouth. There are people who do not need anything free.

If that was we wanted we would not have paid for the food.

It's pretty clear you would have swallowed the bugs and kept right on drinking, Don't be so nasty and watch what you eat and drink!!!! Seems to me you done this quite often.


Seems to me DashingMink you like swallowing bugs and done it several times. Dummy, she stated that they were all standing there when the third drink was made or you just can't read.

You probably were the waitress standing there watching. DUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He's just stupid


It's people like you that work at Fridays who try to defend the business. Everyone know you are.

Next time read before you post. Dont attack her son it was his Birthday not yours.

I know you are a Fridays emplloyee. Move on the place is Nast and so are you.


Never did like that place. Noisy.

Forget the BBB, they can and will do nothing other than take a report. They aren't the Commerce Police and have no legal representative or recuperative authority.

It's a gripe board, like this website. It is an urban legend that they are the Protector of the People.


That's right - they do nothing. They get paid by businesses (good or bad) for that little sticker for the shop window ... they are as suspect as the business of which you complain and perhaps even a touch of evil for perpetuating their own myth of usefulness.


I don't like it either for the same reason. Way too loud.

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