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I ordered a cheeseburger, well done. What I got was an OVER WELL DONE, charcoal covered burger with cheese.

I removed the charred part of the burger after I tasted the "charcoal meat" and tried to finish my meal. I decided not to complain and remained calm about it. The service or wait staff is all right. The only thing lacking is she did not check the food before serving it to me.

The "charcoaled" or burnt taste stayed in my mouth for hours after dining.

Although I have had somewhat good dining experiences before this particular incident, I've decided that my money is not worth spending in the kind of food the restaurant will serve me in the future.

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The server didn't "check" your food? Would you like your server next time to put their hands all over your food "checking" it for you? Burgers are typically covered in melted cheese, lettuce, tomato etc on top of the actual burger. I guess next time ask for it to be "checked :roll ".

Seriously though, just say something if it was that horrible. Servers do not cook your food so don't blame the server.

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