I was at the bar late night with my friends. We went out to celebrate her graduating from college.

We only went because of the cheap drinks... cheap for a reason... a friend had told us about. We managed to get four seats, so I decided I would stand.

It took forever to order our drinks the bartender was way too busy trying to do trick which just ended up with him dropping everything. So we waited and another bartender took our order. She spoke loud enough for us to hear over the annoying music and took our orders. Shortly after receiving our drinks this other group of girls came in.

They were clearly already drunk, but they were here to drink more. The male bartender took their order fast and gave them some shots too. The group stood standing close to us. Before too long we noticed there was some movement around us, I was still standing and got shoved into my friends back as I turned around to check it out I saw a lady pulling back ready to punch me.

I go out of the way and next thing I know there is a fight at the bar and then cops ripping people away and handcuffing some girls.

Luckily in the whole mess we managed to not get handcuffed or hit. But we paid our bill and left immediately.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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It is not a fun night until there is a fight! Stay home if you can't play with the big boys!

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #763715

Obvious solution: don't go to places like that.

Felch, Michigan, United States #763699

"Shortly after receiving our drinks this other group of girls came in."

Are you even old enough to drink. The last time I checked you have to be 21 to drink. So if they were old enough to drink they were certainly not "girls".

Also this was handled properly, the police were called.

to Anonymous Syracuse, New York, United States #803405
True, but in this sort of situation, if they were already "clearly drunk" it is against restaurant policy to serve them more alcohol. Actually, if they were to get into trouble or God forbid, drive a car, and get arrested/injure/kill someone, the blame can go back on the bartender(s) who served/continued serving the "girls" long after they were clearly intoxicated. :x

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