On June 1, I visited the TGIF in Westbury, NY for lunch where I ordered a turkey burger. After eating almost 1/2 of the burger, I knew something was just off. When I had the waitress check to make sure it was a turkey burger, she said yes it is, but took it to the kitchen to check. The manager then came out and confirmed that the burger was actually a BEEF burger. He offered to make me a new burger himself. I said I do not want anything else because I was already sick to my stomach that I just ate beef for the very first time in my life. I am a Hindu and by my religious customs, we do not eat beef at all. We honor the cow and will never eat beef. I am so upset and disgusted that a business would serve someone a beef burger instead of a turkey burger. I was also very upset that the only thing the manager wanted to do was make a new burger. This is my religion. A new burger will not fix what has been done. In my 28yrs on this earth, I've done my very best to follow my religion and not partake in eating beef. It hurts that your business was the cause of me breaking that oath. The manager gave me a $10 credit for an appetizer. What good will that do?

That afternoon I became so sick because my body was never used to that type of meat. I ended up having stomach aches after leaving TGIF. Not how I planned to spend my afternoon after visiting your restaurant.

I will never eat here again since I will always have to live in fear that I will be served something that I did not order. This is not how a business should be run.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tgi Fridays Manager.

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If you have been eating turkey for 28 years as you say...then you should be able to tell the difference between beef and turkey ....white vs dark. Big difference there !!

Your not very smart if you cant tell the difference between beef and turkey! How have you survived for 28 years with your apparent lack of brains? :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin
to Anonymous #732754

"I was already sick to my stomach that I just ate beef for the very first time in my life."

How about trying to read before you post something ***. Really sorry to this fellow for being served beef. Corporate America doesn't care anything about people's belies, just their dollars.

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