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Public Service Announcement: Don't go to TGI Friday's in Mechanicsburg!! When you order your food you don't know what will be in it!!

I ordered sweet potato fries and had shrimp mixed in. Which I had an allergic reaction to. Once the restaurant was notified, they handled it poorly and tried to act like it wasn't a big deal. They told me that it was my responsibility to notify them of any food allergies therefore they would of taken precaution in order to insure that there was no cross contamination.

Umm... Shouldn't they already being doing that!?!?!?! Food safety doesn't apply at TGI Friday's??? They could of killed someone with serve allergies!!

I understand that mistakes happen but gosh own it and fix it!!

Don't try to just brush it under the rug! TGI Friday's should be lucky that this didn't come to a lawsuit or cause a death.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #720454
If you have food allergies then It is YOUR responsibility to watch what you eat. That includes asking for the allergen menu that they have. Tgi Fridays has a great allergen menu and includes any possible cross contamination from manufacturing to plating food. It states right on the menu that the sweet potatoe fries could include shell fish. If something like broccoli is ok to eat according to the menu we also include an SI (special instruction) to the kitchen that there is a food allergy so even more precautions can be taken.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard of someone having a "food allergy" but when offered the menu, they do not take it, and I see them order or eat something they were "allergic" too.

So in summary, yes Fridays DOES care , however they leave it up to the responsible adult and their discretion. :roll

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