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When it's the end of the week and you want to relax after work by going to wind down....I usually go to local TGIF (Springfield, VA). I have been going there at least once a month for a few years now. On 7/25/14, I called this particular TGIF and asked what times covered happy hr. A man answered phone and said it was Monday to Friday from 3pm to 9 pm.

I met up with a co-worker around 6 pm. I asked the bartender what were the happy hr specials. The bartender told me they no longer had happy hr on Fridays. I told him i had called 30 min prior and person who answered phone said it was M-F from 3-9pm. He said "well you probably called another TGIF". I showed him my phone with call log that shows phone number of outgoing call. He then said "well we have new employees so they may have told you wrong info". I asked to speak with manager, bartender said manager was not available. I waited and waited and decided to leave. I called the number from my car. I asked to speak with manager. Man who answered said he was the manager on duty. I explained to him what had happened and told him that his employees should be trained to provide accurate info and not false advertisement. . He then said "well whoever you spoke to was accurate as we do have happy hr specials" So when i reminded him what bartender said, he backpedaled and said "well bartender was correct". He was very defensive, rude and unprofessional. I asked to speak to another manager or contact info for his manager or site manager. He said there was no other manager for that site and i would have to deal with him only. When I asked for his name, he refused to give me his name and hung up on me. I called back and asked for phone number to headquarters....he said some number really fast and hung up on me again. I left this TGIF MORE stressed than when I walked in the door.

Needless to say, I will not be returning. We ended up at Chilli's right around the corner. To my surprise, they were wonderful in every aspect.

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Everyone makes mistakes even you, you did not put a space between 3 pm as you should in your first paragraph. You also have no proof that the employee said Happy Hour included Friday.

This is not considered false advertising. I think it is pathetic that you would stop going to a particular restaurant just based on one bad experience, with attitude like yours you will not be missed. If you really went to the restaurant once a month as you claim you would already know that Happy Hour is not included on Fridays. The person made a mistake, it is not false advertising it is just a case of being misinformed, learn the difference.

Trust me with an attitude like yours you won't be missed. All you had to do was ask them to inform their employees of when Happy Hour is. You did not need to take it this far where you were rude and argumentive. You were defensive to start with lecturing him on training his employees, of course he is going to be defensive back.

One day you are going to go to Chilley's and not get your way, then you will boycott them, then where will you go.

Eventually you will get bad service at one point or another where ever you go. Perhaps if you handled the situation more maturely, instead of being defensive from the start, instead of telling him how to do his job the situation would have been resolved better.


It does not matter what counts as Happy Hour, based on your behavior you are probably not old enough to drink, and if you are old enough to drink I would hate to see how you act after a few drinks if you act this way sober, however I doubt you are old enough to drink because only a child would mistake being told no and not having the rules changed for them as rude. Mistakes happen, people make mistakes but for you to throw a temper tantrum is not the mature way to handle it, come to think of it you mentioned you were driving, are you even old enough to drive?

Also what the heck are you think drinking and then driving home? He is not required to give you his name and he has every right to hang up on someone who throws a temper tantrum like some four year old when you don't get your way. Grow up, you are no longer four years old, no need to throw a temper tantrum when you don't get your way.

If you do people will ignore you and hang up on you. I hope Chilies gets criminally charged for selling alcoholic beverages to a minor.

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