i work at the tgi fridays and have now for a while and there are these two girls i work with Sara B,and her roomate Charlie(both girls)they r all over that place they do there job but turn tricks on the side and wen the manager finds out they take care of him and i just sit and watch this all night every night,they also invite certain patrons back to there place for v i p,they call it the complete tip and they ,somehow under wraps r doing this and have been,and i know one of them has gonerea and where they live there is a little mixed baby and i dont know wat to say about that,i think but i cant afford to lose my job from what i have heard.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tgi Fridays Manager.

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Why are you trying to cause DRAMA? I would be concerned about typing a complete sentence.


Sounds like drama. Somebody stole your thunder?

How do you know they invite people over and what they do there? You have been there yourself? What of the race of the baby? So?

You sound racist. Do you have an STD? All this....not your problem. If this were a true and legit problem you would go to corporate or find another job.

I am sure Friday's is not the only place on this planet to work.

However I think this is b.s. that you are allowed to come on the internet and say things like this about people you work with.

I bet they don't even know you posted such trash and can not defend themselves. Sad.....really sad.


you sound like an *** who needs to mind their own business

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