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On June 30th around 8:30pm my family and I visited the TGI Fridays in Orlando (5933 Caravan Ct, Orlando, FL 32819 Store# 0787). My wife and I ordered the 3 course dinner.

I ordered the Chicken Piccata and had the Pot Stickers as one of the choices for the appetizer, my wife ordered Bruschetta Chicken Pasta with the Mozzarella Sticks for appetizer. We would never order 2 appetizers with a dinner but since it was part of the meal deal we had no choice. When the dinners came my plate was so full of capers that it overwhelmed the whole dish and it tasted like nothing but capers, the chicken in my wives Bruschetta Chicken Pasta was so overdone that it was dry and rubbery. Our server (Abby) came and I explained the situation and she had the manager come to our table, The managers name was Dominique who begins to tell me that no one seems to like the Chicken Picatta and it's not for everyone, I tell her that I've eaten Chicken Picatta at other Friday's and it was never overwhelmed with Capers and tells my wife the same thing about her dish (that not everyone likes it) again, we've had these dishes at other locations and enjoyed them.

She pretty much was not listening to anything we were saying and was being very dismissive and rude about it to the point that we did not want to be there any longer and told her that we do not want anything else, we did not want another meal and we just want to leave. She tells us that it will be better for us to order something else or she is going to charge us full price for the appetizers that we had. We told her that we are not satisfied with the food nor the service we are having and told her that she is being rude and she has poor management skills and I will be contacting the General Manager, District Manager and Corporate, She says that's fine because she will tell them that we cursed at her (we were with our 10 year old son and 9 month old daughter). She billed us full price for the appetizers which I would not have ordered if it was not for your promotional dinner meal.

We paid the bill and they were hesitant to give us the printout of the bill and we had to demand it from our server whom we still tipped because it was not her fault that her manager is ill trained and not qualified. Other tables around us were looking over at the commotion and when the manager walked away from our table they replied to us "wow, was she really being that rude" and I said "yes" "the food tastes horrible and she's treating us like it's our fault". They couldn't even believe how rude and dismissive the manager was that they told us that we should complain and to call corporate office. Once the server (Abby) returned to our table, I asked Abby (server) what is the problem with that manager and is she always this rude to customers.

The server replied and shook her head yes. The server was very apologetic and kind. I have worked in the restaurant industry during college and customers are never treated that way and we were always trained that no matter what the customer is always right and I feel that Dominique is completely under qualified to hold a manager's position. I also have on video the servers' response to my questions about the manager's (Dominique) rudeness and also the other tables who were telling us they could not believe how we were being treated and I will be glad to upload it onto my computer and send it to you.

I have had bad service before but this last visit was by far my worst restaurant experience ever.

I will NEVER return to that location and I am actually so upset over Dominique's actions that I do not know if I will ever step foot in another Friday's again knows that Friday's allows Managers like this to operate their stores. Thank You for your time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tgi Fridays Manager.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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Buffalo, New York, United States #796019

you did not HAVE to get the three course so there's that. If you NEVER would eat that much food normally, why order the three course deal?

Don't try to blame your order on the company and make it sound like they backed you against a wall to order it. Trust me, as a Friday's server, we save a special spot in *** for people who order the two and three course deals.

We don't get tipped properly and people like you have the gall to complain about such deeply discounted food. Go to McDonald's; I'm sure they would be glad to hear from you, right after some wacko stabs you for complaining about something *** in the first place.

to AnonServer #858399

Shut up. You are a horrible person.

You said you worked at Fridays? You make me sick. How dare you criticize this person for ordering something that they felt obligated to order.

There is a special spot in *** for you because you have the audacity to say something like this. Shame on you.

to Anonymous #858520

You need to calm down.

to AnonServer Florida, United States #858622

A 3 course dinner for two as sound like a low life that will always be making *** money...maybe working at McDonald's would be your likely choice for a career...but those of us that can afford to take our family out have a right to order whatever the f we want and if it's not up to Paar then it wil lm get sent back....and no matter what I always tip the server if I know it's no fault of theirs...maybe it's your scummy attitude that gets you know money....get a life.

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