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National cheeseburger day

You sent email/picture indicating "national cheeseburger day" but there is no price listed. Local TGIF suggests it isn't free.

I think otherwise. Whatz up?


How do I update my email

I am converting my email from to and an wondering how I update my email when logged in to your site.



How do I file an compliant about 1 of your restaurants. And get results.


Need new password , have tried to submit numerous times , does not respond

Would really like to talk to customer service rep , as I'm going around in circles with your web page trying to get into my account, it's frustrating and certainly not this first time tjis has happened , it seems I cannot ever get into account to use my points


I have a Give me more stripes card & my number is 0287000017813093. Do I have any points on my card that I can use?


Printing out rewards coupon for 0287000011572259

Rewards account #0287000011572259 When I log into my account and try to redeem a reward, I get this message. HMMM We couldn't find a rewards history for this account.....

Elsewhere I see that I have 572 points. What's up?


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