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This was probably the worst customer service I've ever dealt in my life. We were greeted with the snobbiest of hostess.

This lady needed to get a refresher on dealing with potential customers. We were told we can get a table of 13 with kids and a couple of babies. This hostess told us we can get a table outside with no working heater lamps and no potential way to get inside unless we wanted to wait for ever changing wait times. Mind you the sun was going down, temperatures was falling with an infant and kids in our party.

The level of accommodation was non-existent and I can't fathom how any service oriented professional would let and infant stay in a cold setting with no heater lamps and without even trying to rectify the problem. This chain restaurant needs to better train their staff in terms of customer service. Luckily we received way better service at the Chinese restaurant next to this falling from grace chain restaurant. They seated us right away and accommodated our group with no problems at all.

They we're courteous and on point in their service. We used to like Fridays but after this experience we will probably never want to experience or go this establishment ever.

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No one wanted all those kids in their restaurant. That's why they wanted to put you outside where no one could hear them


You seem to think you can get special treatment just because you have an infant. What did you expect them to do, tell the people already dining to leave their tables and sit elsewhere taking their food along with them because you are more special since you have an infant. Finding a table for 13 people is hard, and dit is August.on't play that it is getting cold game with us


Did you have the smarts to phone ahead to let them know a herd of people were coming, so that they could have time to ensure there was proper seating?

They gave you a seating option, in case you did not want to wait. You did not want to sit outside.

Fair enough.

What is not fair is that you expected accommodations for your herd to pulled out of thin air. Face it, you are in the wrong here.

to Anonymous #850679

I think because they had an infant they expected preferred treatment, they expected the restaurant to kick other diners out of their seats so this "special" family" can sit where they please. It is the OP not the waitress that is a snob, it is the OP that needs a refresher not the waitress.

The OP needs to grow up and act her age. If babies could spell I would have thought it was the infant or one of the children typing this judging from the "all about me" selfishness.

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