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I can't believe what this world has come to. You plan an after work meal/wind down to DE-stress and get MORE stressed than when you walked in the door.

There are a multitudes of choices of restaurants to spend your time/money so you would think restaurants would take that into consideration and strive to provide great dining experiences and gain your loyalty. Well don't venture into the Dearborn, MI location and run up against Erin G. (hostess) or Jeff B. (manager).

In summary I walked up to Erin who was standing at what I now know to be the hostess stand and asked if I were in the right spot to get shown to a seat. She stared me in the face and said absolutely nothing. I repeated myself and honestly looked at her ears for a possible hearing aide (not kidding) she again just stared at me and said NOTHING. After the third time and no response a co-worker witnessing all of this jumped in and asked if she could help.

Unbelievable!! This Erin chick refused to speak or even acknowledge me. I asked for a manager who pulled Erin aside said something to her and sent her right back to the same spot. No apology to me from either.

I asked the manger for his name, her name and the GM's name. I got all three. Called the store to speak to GM, they left me on hold.

Emailed the address the mgr wrote on the paper, no response. Wow..........

Product or Service Mentioned: Tgi Fridays Manager.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Thx "anonymous" HR Mgr. No I didn't expect for Erin to be fired on the spot or otherwise but what I DID expect was an apology or some type of acknowledgement from her or the manager.

No one came back and said anything to me. As a matter of fact Erin came right back and stood where she had been standing and commenced to giggle with a co-worker who had huddled up with her to get the scoop on her apparent didn't do much good reprimand. I thought Erin was having a tremendously bad day but as it turns out she thought it was all funny. I only stayed at this place because i had traveled to get there and had a friend meeting me.

In retrospect I should have walked across the parking lot to Big Fish and not have spent a dime there. But thx for your input. From your response I am gathering you work in the industry and want to give me and others a lesson (as you all do) in the struggles of the food industry workers. Going forward I will make sure when I am receiving bad service I ask loudly to have someone else help me.

I suppose the three chances I gave Erin were not spoken loudly enough. #youhavegottobekiddingme

to Zip620 #853023

Only an eight year old would ASSume that if someone tells the Op that they are wrong that they work for the company or the industry, so going by that she was probably waiting for your mom or dad to come and then you could all be seated together, it was rude of her to ignore you, because I think people should be treated nicely and with kindness regardless of age, but just like you ASSume that this person works for the industry, because they are telling the truth, (manager is going to not discipline her in front of you) I assume you are eight years old. Then wanting an apology from the manager who did nothing wrong, it was not the manager who ignored you it was Erin, why should the manager apologize for something Erin did, if anything Erin should.

This also leads to the conclusion that you are eight years old. From your response I am gathering that you are eight years old? This coming from your childish sarcastic and the fact that you wanted the employee disciplined right then and there, and third the fact that you wanted the manager to apologise for something his employee not he did.

The manager did nothing wrong, what did you want him to do spank her, give her a time out. Seriously if by any chance you are over the age of eight grow up.


The manager pulled her aside and spoke with her. What did you want, for her to be fired on the spot?

BTW, in case you did not know, things such as how an employee is disciplined at work is confidential and is NOT information that is made available to customers. Now, having said that, you should have asked her, loudly, if she could get someone that actually worked there to assist you.

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We would like to have the opportunity to speak with you personally about your experience. Will you please respond with your name and telephone number, so that a member of our management team can contact you? If you have any additional questions or concerns, you may contact Guest Relations at 1-800-FRIDAYS (1-800-374-3297).

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