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12249 Fairlakes Promenade drive in fairfax, va is where the incident occured

Original review posted by user May 03, 2018

One evening I decided to stop at the TGI Fridays on Fairlakes Promenade Drive. I was alone so I sat at the bar and decided to have something to eat. I ordered a lite draft beer. The bartender told me I must show her my ID. I am a 69 year old, soon to be 70 senior citizen. I was shocked and angered. She said it was their policy. What policy? To card Senior Citizens! You don't card Seniors!! It was obvious to her that I was over 21. The law is designed to prevent minors under 21 from drinking illegally. NOT Seniors!!

This is disrespectful to all seniors. The manager gave me the same

double talk. TGI Fridays need to learn about discretion. If someone is obviously over 21, don't embarrass them by asking for an ID.

I decided to leave and not spend my money at Fridays. I went to to

the Cheesecake Factory , sat at the bar and had a lite beer with my dinner. They did not card me . They treated me with respect and dignity. TGI Fridays did not.Wtf

Goodbye forever.

Al Stasnzy

Product or Service Mentioned: Tgi Fridays Bartender.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Disregard and disrespect for seniors.

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Some establishments, after getting burned by the state for selling to a minor think that by requiring all customers to verify their age is the best policy. They require everyone, regardless of common sense to show their identification.

The problem is that by defying common sense they anger alot of customers. Anyone who is, by appearance over the legal drinking age is rightly offended and should just walk out and never go back.

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