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this was our first time at TGI Fridays. No one was at the host stand, it was covered in what looked like trash and several wait staff passed by and didnt say anything.

There was no sign saying please wait to be seated so we assumed we were to seat our selves. We did and then had to ask for menus 2x and order our drinks 3x. The wait staff continued to ignore us. When we finally got our menus we were expected to order immediately.

So we did since this first process took over half an hour. We got our appetizers and had no silverware. The waitress said I will be right back. she was not!

We ended up eating with our fingers because 10 min later she still had not brought us any silverware and the food was getting cold. She finally brought out our entrees and this time she did bring us silverware but no steak sauce. We asked her for some and she said she would be right back, again 10 min later she still wasn't back. back and the food was cold.

Fed up we asked for take out boxes. I would rather be at home eating then this service. At this point another couple came in and got the same treatment we did. they were not greeted, they had to go to the bar to get their drinks and they still had not seen a wait staff member until they went to the bar to get the manager.

We finally asked to see a manager because to us this was unacceptable. I would expect this kind of service at McDonalds but not at a sit down restaurant.

After asking 2x for a bill and a manager we finally got both. We explained what was going on, and this was for her own benefit as we were not the only ones that were about to complain. Heck we had even made a reservation to which the manager advised that "we do not take reservations" so how did you do that?

When we replied online she said well we dont take them. I have never ever in all my years heard of a sit down restaurant not taking reservations.

The manager was clearly on something and blamed us for the *** service. I will never be back to another TGI Fridays again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tgi Fridays Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Most chain restaurants do not take reservations. They have call-ahead seating instead.

I don't know about this chain. I do agree it sounds like you had a bad experience.

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