My husband ordered the above and the chicken was a childs portion, not an adult. when you pay that kind of money for a meal, you expect to get a good meal.

I can buy bigger pieces of chicken at the grocery store for less than what we paid there. I thought it was very disappointing. I had the Jack Daniels chicken and it looked and tasted like it had been done over and was not fresh.

We were not pleased with out meals this time. I think you may want to replace the dinner if you cant serve a larger portion of chicken

Monetary Loss: $36.

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Um.. yeah.

You can buy cheaper food and make it yourself - but restaurants pay other people to do that for you. Prep, cooking, serving and clean up are all included in the price.

Consider it a convenience charge. You could also go pick cotton and make a shirt much more cheaply than even going to WalMart to buy one, but that's how companies stay in business - by charging the consumer for more than they paid to produce it.

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Restaurants can serve larger portions, but then they will raise the prices. Which would you prefer?

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