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I had no issues or complaints until I was ready to leave. When the waitress came over with my check, I advised her that there was something on there that I did not order nor received.

She snatched my check out of my hands and told me she will just take it off. I was so shocked. When she came back to the table, I asked her why would she snatched something so rudely from someone's hands. She then told me if she did snatch it, she didn't mean to.

She tried to walk away and I told her to get the manager. When the manager, Jessica, came over, she was just as rude. She then told me I will not speak about her employee in any negative way. I told her I would call corporate and the manager advised me she too would call corporate and let them know I would be calling.

I paid for my meal and left the establishment. It was the most humiliating experience I have ever had to deal with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tgi Fridays Manager.

Monetary Loss: $27.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #839911

Kind if sounds like you're a ***


I feel that if the server had snatched the check out of your hands it would have been torn. You don't state that it got torn, therefore it couldn't have been snatched very rapidly.

You were the one creating the scene. Just who do you think you are, telling somebody else what to do?

If you had kept your mouth shut about the snatching, there would have been no reason to be humiliated. While being judgmental, you should proof read your complaint and check out your grammar.

Los Angeles, California, United States #821785

Pretty sure you are overreacting. There are more important things to worry about, maybe you should stay home and make your own meals if you are so sensitive.

to Ihate***people Boston, Massachusetts, United States #836913

If everyone stayed home and cooked you wouldn't have a job serving.

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