I worked at TGI Friday's for a year and recently went into work just to get fired. I have never been written up, disciplined or otherwise.

I made a mistake on a secret shop, my tables were transfered to another server and I was promptly terminated. Normally I would accept responsibility but you're telling me after a year of employment with no negative record your going to let me go for a simple mistake anyone could make? Policy goes, if you look 40 you don't need to card for a drink. The secret shopper certainly looked 40.

She was 22. I did not ask for i.d. Is it my fault she was haggered? How many people don't card in a given day?

As of my pole, everyone I work with.

I was never acknowledged when I did something good but I lost my job today in the blink of an eye. Oh and if you go to eat there, the servers take food off the plates before bringing them out because we aren't allowed to take meal breaks even during 13 hour shifts.

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That's the resteraunt business- work hard for no reward but if you mess up in their eyes once it's the end of the world


It is best practices for you to be let go. We fired someone after not carding a shopper after he was with us for 4 years.

You are a liability to the restraint since you clearly didn't card. You must be young because I have never seen a shopper look 40. They aren't trying to trick you into not carding, they want to see if their restaurant is being run safely and corectly.

They made the best decision, being a zero tolerance place for not carding. I'm sure you'll forever card too..


I have been in the restaurant business for two and half years. Yep, sounds about right.

12-15 hour shifts, no breaks unless you're a smoker. We always ate but not off people's plates.

You should always card, you got canned and deserved it.

to munk85 #598024

I completely agree. Not about the breaks.

At our location, the management always gives us a break if we're working a double unless we let them know that we don't need one (Which I sometimes do because once I sit down, I don't want to get back up and work tables. Lol.) At any rate, this review is an absolute crock. Everyone knows that they're supposed to card no matter what. The general rule is better safe than sorry.

I always card unless they obviously look like my 90 year old grandmother. Don't be mad just because you finally got caught not following procedure.

Also, knowing the menu to the extent that I do, I happen to know that it would be almost impossible to do something like pick food off of a plate without a guest knowing it. People who say stuff like this are so dumb.

Walpole, New Hampshire, United States #18705

Screw TGI Fridays. The booze is over-priced and the food is bad.

They probably did you a favor. I have not eaten at one of them in over 5 years.

Holbrook, Arizona, United States #17734

This just happenned to me today and the *** was also old enough looking and was NOT underage therefore it's NOT LAW to require to card everyone who IS legal therefore firing for this was almost criminal. You should be penalized, maybe suspended but fired is unacceptable and I will fight this *** policy and first haven't even seen documentation to prove it's a requirement to terminate employment. ***'em!

Elberta, Alabama, United States #1615
I'm not sure what state you in, but in mine (MN) its state law to card. A buddy of mine got fired for the same thing...it was a busy time of day, lots of customers in and out, he got a drink order and put in in front of the undercover and was going to ask for the card at the last minute but the undercover asked for his manager first...lame, but its the law - ya gotta ask.

Dont sweat it though...McDonalds is ALWAYS hiring... :grin

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