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Tonight, after a 13 hour work day, my wife and I chose to go to TGI Fridays on Rt 22 in Springfield NJ. We choose to sit at the bar, have a drink and get a couple of appetizers.

Well, after being completely ignored by the 2 hostesses of a very brightly lit and 3/4 empty TGIF, we proceeded to seat ourselves in the bar area. Being ignored was the ongoing theme tonight. After sitting at the horribly filthy bar for more than 5 minutes, the bar tender decided we did not want any drinks and threw menus at us. Lucky for us, that brought the bartender close enough to hear us respectfully request drinks.

She took our order and left while a barback poured our drinks and delivered them. She did not show one bit of hospitality but rather truck loads of hostility. The drinks were flat ( a carbonated drink lacking bubbles ) and we requested new drinks. Our request seemed greater to her than asking for keys to her car.

We had to fight for new drinks, and was suggested not to get anything, because "we probably won't like that either". For some reason, we stayed thinking things could only get better, but as we learned, when slidding down hill fast, its hard to stop and turn around. We ordered food. Again, no hospitality or courtesy.

She took our order and after that moment, she did not care, if we spontaneously combustsd or not. The runner brought our food of microwaved potato skins, stale nachos and literally naseauting guacomole and condoment sides. We couldn't even eat it but decided not to complain, as complaints seemed futile effort, and simply asked for the check. She took my card and rang up a check, not seen or clearly known.

Delivered without a thank you or again any politeness. I signed, put a big, fat ZERO for a tip and walked slowly out the establishment. I cannot express enough how absolutely dusgusted i was with the rudeness of the staff, the inedible food and the filthiness of the restaurant. I feel the $33 and the 45 minutes spent there was a complete and full waste.

I pledged never to return, until the owners, whom invested millions of dollars in their company, invest time to care for their business.

There are hundreds of choices and from now on, i choose not to dine at TGI Fridays or any restaurant in their group.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tgi Fridays Customer Care.

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