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I frequent a local TGI in New Jersey and when off work or out early occasionally stop by for Happy Hour. Wings and a beer for under $10, great deal and food.

I went in last Wednesday with my wife and was told they stopped the Happy Hour in lieu of daily specials, but didn't have any today. We ordered food, and my wife's "half rack of ribs" was 5 very skinny ribs. We've ordered it often and both thought something wrong. The waitress told us that 5 was correct, and when I informed her that it was short, and that a half rack is defined as 7-8 ribs, she had the manager explain to me I was wrong.

Needless to say we are done with TGI as they seem to have learned nothing from the chains who went down in the past recession. Customer service is king, followed by good food. My wife liked the ribs taste, and I like the wings, but I don't need attitude. Google "half rack of ribs" like I did before inquiring, or throw her 2 more ribs; then inform her TGI only serves 5.

You'd still have 2 customers.

Buffalo Wild Wings is a block away. Learn from fellow Minnesotans!

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Auburn, Massachusetts, United States #794545

depends on what type of 1/2 rack of ribs you get pork ribs is 7-8 beef ribs are 3-4 so if it was beef ribs they gave you an extra if it was pork perhaps their 1/2 rack is only 5? just because many others consider it 7-8 doesn't mean they have to go with your definition of what a 1/2 rack is.

Stafford, Virginia, United States #765430

Do you really need 7 ribs

Ahmeek, Michigan, United States #763695

"You'd still have 2 customers."

Yeah losing two customers is going to really break them. Dream on.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #1039689


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