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I visited tgif the 1780 E Gun hill road location yesterday July 4th. I was so disgusted by the service and the attitudes of the waitress and the manager that I left about 15 minutes into my visit and cancelled my order.

It was a party of three. I ordered a mudslide which I've had many times before even once before at this tgif location. So I know what it looks like and taste like. When the waitress brought the drink to the table I said to her it looks too thick.

She said to me with the nastiest attitude if u don't like it I can take it back. So I said to let me taste it and then I'll let u know. I tasted it it tasted like a milkshake. I said to here can u have her make it again please it taste like a milkshake I didn't taste any liquor.

She said again with attitude even nastier I'll have her make it again but if u still don't like it you are gonna have to pay for it. So I ask for a manager, she said I'll get him but he's gonna tell you the same thing, rolling her eyes and looking down on the floor as she said it. The manager comes out he didn't even address the table properly. He starts to explain to me that's how we make mudslides, I told him it's not my first time ordering mudslides and that I was explaining to the waitress, he cuts me off and starts to talk again, I stopped him and told him, he and the waitress needed to adjust their attitudes, he says we don't need to do anything.

I said excuse me what did u say to me trying to control my anger and disgust about the situation. I had to tell him to take the milkshake and just go, because he was getting me so aggravated I didnt wanna cause a scene. Then I decided its best I just leave at that point so I canceled our order went to red lobster in co op city and spent $144.00 dollars. So I guest it's safe to say that tgif lost that business yesterday because of extremely poor service and bad etiquette.

I strongly believe both the manager and the waitress should be fired their behaviors and demeanor was extremely unprofessional and tgif will continue to loose business with them around. I am certain the experience I had yesterday would not be what the corporate managers of tgif want or had in mind for their restaurant, it's service like that that puts companies out of business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tgi Fridays Manager.

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