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TgifFridays @ Madison, Wi

Our Waiter Hunter M.49 was rude. We ordered an Endless Choice Appetizer. It was suppose to be $12.99. He charged us for each plate at $10.00 each. We talked to a young Manager. We have talked to this particular manager before. He was argumentative and wants to make the point that he is always right. No difference this time! He was rude, argumentative and insisted he was right! My wife finally convinced him to adjust the price - after much debate. This particular Fridays used to be excellent about 2 years ago, now with this rude argumentative manager and

this terrible waitstaff it is one of worst restaurants around. No problem, we do not intend to go back - we do intend to post our experience online @ Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and tell everyone we meet about what a unprofessional, unethical restaurant this Fridays is. If you like arguing with your waiter & manager, get cheated & get crappy service then TGIFridays in Madison Wi is the place for you - Just ask for Hunter M.49 - He will glad to rudely *** over! That young kid of a manager will debate the finer points of his position / right or wrong! May they & this Fridays get what they deserve - That they lose all their business & go Bankrupt. I going to enjoy watching them lose their business with their fine " customer related skills" as they continue to argue who is in the right!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tgi Fridays Waiter.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I am so disappointed in your commercial that airs all day. Heard it 3 times in 15 min.

No reason for a commercial to have cuss words in it especially when children watch tv. No more going to your restaurant while this commercial airs!!!!


The manager was right, you and your wife were in the wrong. The manager should not have argued with you, should have just pointed out the prices on the menu and left it at.

Any discount was unwarranted and should never have been given. But I understand the manager probably figured it was worth it to get you to hush and hopefully leave.


The $12.99 is PER PERSON. If it is more than 1 person, the cost is $10 per person.

This is logical because otherwise whole families could go and pay $12.99 and everyone could eat. Imagine how much money the restaurant would lose! I don't know why you are angry at the waiter and manager, they were following the policy that is stated on their website and on their menu.

I am sorry to hear the manager rewarded you with discount, because you are VERY much in the wrong.

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