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I went to a TGIFridays for the other night and it was not a good experience. I should mention that my boyfriend is a manager at a nice, upscale, classy restaurant and has been in the service industry for 15 years.

Of course, we didn't expect that kind of service at a TGIF's but ***, we didn't expect it to be totally horrible! When we first sat down, we noticed that the silverware, table and glasses were really dirty. I don't mean a lil smudge, speck or crumb here or there (which is no biggie), I mean full on disgusting. We politely asked for either a new table or new tableware and they brought us new glasses, utensils, cleaned the table, etc.

So now we're all good...until we meet our complete *** of a waiter who totally screws up our orders and hardly even looks at us the entire time. We're thinking he's just a *** and at the LEAST he'll get a 15% tip (We ALWAYS tip at least 20%). Anyway, he's rude and totally unattentive the entire time. So we finish up and ask for our check.

He comes back and gives us the check and I ask him to please box up the rest of my food (food was actually really good). He comes back about 20 minutes later to collect our check...and he's completely empty-handed. I ask where my food is and he says, "oh, did you want that? Oops, I threw it out." What!!!???

I specifically asked for it to be boxed to go and it wasn't a *** or was half a plate of a huge portion of pasta...a ton of food! Who doesn't take that home?! Anyway, I got really pissed and asked to speak to the manager. In all my years dining out, I have NEVER EVEN COMPLAINED, let alone ask to speak to a manager.

My boyfriend and I are the most easygoing, friendly, generous diners anywhere but this was just too much. Anyway, the manager was basically as rude as the waiter but did give me a new order of the pasta to take home.

On the way out, our *** waiter was trying to stare me down...I stared right back at him and gave him the finger before we left. I know, not too classy on my part but I was pissed!

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I think the TGI Fridays on La Cienega and La Tierra has the worst service of all the TGI's that I've been to. You have to ask for silverware they are not courteous at all.

The told me 20 to 30 minutes I've been here for an hour still haven't received my food yet for one thing the manager is never visible so the servers just get away with anything they sit up and talk and laugh while other people are waiting to be served. This is Strike 3 the last time that I will be coming here but yep they look at you like you crazy when you don't tip


Lol!!! I love it.

What an *** you are. I posted this SO long ago I forgot about it.

Well back my warm cozy bed. Merry Christmas!


Yes, many of MY upscale, high income, well educated friends; and I have very, very, many; chose to flip off teenage food handlers to show them our superiority and class. It's what we do in Va, and why we were eating in a TGI in the first place. Class warfare starts here, and you'd better bring your Visa Black baby.

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